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School STEAM Experiences

“We still need more scientists and mathematicians to meet the demands of our growing economy” - Rt. Hon. Nick Gibb

With a bespoke STEAM Ahead school STEAM day, we can provide your staff and students with an experience like no other.

Working in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks and Ofsted priorities, our STEAM Days are held in for young people aged 3 to 19. Hosted by an outstanding STEAM Ahead educator, they are designed to complement the national curriculum in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Activities range from designing, coding and testing drones and constructing wind turbines, to building bridges and can be fully modified and tailored to your own requirements.

Prices start from just £345+VAT for a full day STEAM experience, including two separate activities.

Bespoke activities available, please get in touch to discuss further.


Our school STEAM activities include:


Robotics Search and Rescue

Medical Triage

EasiBridge  Construction Design

Build It; Break It!

Compressed Air Rocket Cars

3D Printing Design-and-Create

Hovercraft Challenge

STEAM Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Students design, construct and code their very own robots, using key skills to navigate a search-and-rescue course.

Students receive various medical-themed challenges, considering the best course of action in this hands-on activity.

Students consider the engineering behind bridges, starting from the very small (think K’Nex, marshmallows and spaghetti), to the very large. Students finish by constructing our world's first military aluminium bridge, allowing (an adult) to commando crawl across at the end of the activity in true Army fashion!

Ever fancy using medieval technology to smash up structures? In this exciting activity, you learn the technology behind medieval warfare. You’ll design and construct your own firing contraption (trebuchet/catapult/ballista) and use this to smash up your classmates’ structures, before they retaliate!

Using your understanding of aerodynamics and simple equipment to build a super-speedy compressed air car!

Use cutting-edge 3D scanners and to image and 3D print anything you can think of! From using Plasticine to developing 3D CAD design, this activity really is at the edge of what is possible in engineering at present.

Using your understanding of aerodynamics and engineering design principles, can you build a full-size hovercraft to ride around on? You'll start small, with simple fans and circuits, building up to a hovercraft of carrying a person across a (large) room!

Based on your own requirements, we can design and deliver a STEAM enterprise session. Based on ‘Dragons Den’, students work to build a business, designing, manufacturing and selling their own wards. Based around the key manufacturing process, students construct their own soy-wax candles, handmade soap or wacky smoothies. Not interested in these? Let us know and we can create a bespoke activity for you!