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Holiday STEAM Camps

Why choose a STEAM Ahead camp?

Ranging from one to five days, our industry-supported holiday STEAM camps immerse young people into the exciting world of STEAM through a wide range of challenge, skills-focused activities.

Using cutting-edge technology, high-end equipment and the best possible tuition, our STEAM camps have everything to engage young people into thinking about their STEM future.

Working closely with industry and universities, we guarantee the best possible experience.


Some of our STEAM Camp Themes

Hurricane Damage

Disaster Relief

Use your STEAM skills to solve problems and save people involved in a disaster zone. You will use medical training, search robots and build real size bridges amongst an exciting range of activities. We need your help to save people in this Rescue Camp.


Home Medical Equipment Installation

Helping People

Design and build ways to help make life easier and help those most in need. Work with clean rooms and learn crucial first aid and biomedical skills in this Medical Camp.


Medical Mayhem

Fancy being a doctor for a day? Want to see how hard it is to take somebody's blood? Ever wondered how the emergency services work? What happens to triage an emergency?This is the session for you!

Robot Hand

Smart Living

Can you design, build and code ways to smartly control our cities? What will our future homes be like? Explore the possibilities and work with the latest gadgets, fly drones and programme devices in this Smart Camp.

Sustainable Energy

Energy for the World

Solve problems to create, build and test fantastic ways to generate energy now and in the future. You will also get chance to explore the issues about energy here and around the world in this Energy Camp.

Halftone Rocket

Terrific Transport

This exciting Camp gets you to fly, ride and build different ways to move around, from rocket cars and hovercrafts to drones and sustainable vehicles. Build go-carts and learn to fix your bike in this Transport Camp.


Building a Sustainable Future

Design and test exciting technology in agriculture, transport and energy production to ensure greener, cleaner living. Learn what you can do now at home and in the way you live to reduce your footprint in this Green Camp.

Machine Sketch

Destruction Madness

Ever wanted to build your own giant catapult? Now you can, using your own contraption to smash your opponents castle to smithereens! This fast-paced and fun Destruction Camp gets you building and knocking down in a huge number of ways.

City Sky

Building the Future

How will our world cope if cities keep growing? Can you build high-rise buildings to survive earthquakes, flooding and hurricanes? Construct cranes to build higher and higher. Find ways to solve real-world problems around our changing climate and sustainable living in this Build Camp.

Boy Analyzing Circuit Board

Engineering the Oceans

Can robots help us to explore and build in the deepest oceans? How do we travel and communicate across oceans? Can we harness their energy? Learn to dive, use cranes, build rafts and lay pipelines like real engineers in this Ocean Camp.

Amusement Park

Fantastic Theme Parks

Want to learn how engineers build the biggest and scariest rides? Design and build your own park that really works in this fast-paced Fun Camp.

Group of people with VR Headset

Digital Skills

Improve your digital skills to help you understand and engage with our future world. This nationally important Digital Camp is developed to support you thrive in the 5G and 6G digital world of tomorrow.

STEM Camp Pricing (per student)

One day STEM camp: £30.00 per day

Two-day STEM camp: £59.00 for all days

Three-day STEM camp: £89.00 for all days

Four-day STEM camp: £117.50 for all days

Five-day STEM camp: £145.00 for all days


STEM days run from 9.00 - 15.00, unless otherwise stated.

Wraparound care available (from 8.00 - 16.00) for £8.50 per day. This cost includes an extra activity, as well as a healthy snack.