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STEAM Enterprise


What is STEAM Enterprise?

Using STEAM Skills for Life to build a business and make money.

This challenge day will give students the opportunity to enter the ‘Dragons Den’.  Inspired by the popular TV programme, students will need to design a product and present it to a panel of Dragons.

Working in teams, pupils will need to assess their own strengths and weaknesses, and take on their roles to run a successful business.  The teams will then brainstorm various product ideas before developing a final product design.

Once selected, teams will manufacture a series of prototypes, considering the materials used, the needs of the end user and the cost implications of their decisions. They will need to adapt their designs during the day, specific to an ever-changing brief. They need to work together to make the products, develop a advertising plan and design a sales strategy.


Linking closely to the manufacturing sector, enterprise is critical to all regions in the UK. We work closely with manufacturing businesses within the industry to help our young people develop this fundamental skill through an exciting context.

The day can be run for up to 120 pupils. The teams will be guided through the process of selecting a saleable product, develop their designs and go on to make their prototypes.


They are encouraged to work to a budget and will be given a credit card to use at the challenge shop.

Success will require students to communicate, work well as part of a team, use creative thinking, be aware of financial constraints within business and prove themselves to be true entrepreneurs.

The day will give students the opportunity to use a wide range of Enterprise skills.

What types of session can we deliver?
  • Build and develop a micro soap making business, including keeping your own soap creations!

  • Build your own wacky smoothie making business. Product development and marketing has never been so tasty!

  • 3D printed merchandise. From coasters to cup holders and key rings, with 3D printing, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Themed sessions - coming up to Halloween or Christmas? What about organising a themed STEAM Enterprise session, allowing your students to develop the skills required for later in life while having great fun in the process?

  • (Almost) anything you can think of - we can deliver it! Get in touch for more info. 

How could a STEAM Enterprise session be delivered?
  • As a Product Development and Enterprise Day session for up to 250 students

  • As a way to explore business, science and STEAM jobs with young people

  • As a brilliant creativity and innovation tool for businesses

  • As a workshop tool during an Assessment Centre for new staff

  • As a fundraising activity for a community group or centre

  • As a business start-up activity during a boot-camp or innovation event.

STEAM Enterprise Session Pricing

Half-day STEAM Enterprise sessions from £295 + VAT, inclusive of all consumables

Full-day STEAM Enterprise sessions from £495 + VAT, inclusive of all consumables

For bespoke STEAM Enterprise sessions, please contact us using any of the links below.