Black Drone

Corporate STEAM

Studies have shown that the ability a business to identify, understand and adapt to changes in the marketplace is critical to strong performance. When we break this down into what this means for individual teams we can clearly identify four critical skills. These are communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.​ At STEAM Ahead, we use our carefully designed activities to engage your workforce, increasing productivity and staff morale.

We give you everything needed to rebuild trust, alignment and commitment in your team, while growing as a leader. Through exciting 'STEAMbuilding' challenges, we can support you and your staff to move forwards to a 'new normal'.

Working closely with our charity partner and mental health practitioners, we have carefully designed our embed and maintain high levels of staff wellbeing and mindfulness development.



All packages are bespoke to you and your business. For more information or to make a booking, please get in touch